Max/Msp to Kinect via OSC for Offical Microsoft SDK

Today I finished the very first stages of my 4th year research project which was finding a way to take data from the Xbox Kinect and send it to Max/Msp. By using the Ventuz OSC C# wrapper i was able to pack all the X, Y, Z data for all the skeletal points into an OSC bundle and send that to Max where it was unpacked in the patch.

The data sent from the Kinect is the unchanged co-ordinate system of values in metres rangeing from -1 to 1.

That being said the data sent from Kinect to Max can be used by any device that is capable of reading OSC packets .The format of the OSC message is

/joint/skeleton_[1/2]/[joint] x, y, z

This is a simple implementation allows quick and easy access to the full power of the kinects skeletal tracking in windows for users of the offical SDK over OSC. I hope it can be of some use.

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